How to Make own Whatsapp Stickers

How to Make own Whatsapp Stickers
Instant Messaging App WhatsApp has just launched the sticker feature for all users. This feature allows users to send stickers to chat chats. The company has begun to include stickers of third-party developers for it. The biggest feature of this feature is that you can create such a sticker yourself.
To create your own sticker you will have to download 'Sticker maker for WhatsApp' Andrea App. This app is available on Google Play Store. After downloading the app, click on 'Create a new sticker pack'. Then register your pack name and author. On the new page you were asked to add media. The icon above will be the top. It will have a tray axon or icon to identify for the sticker pack in Whitsap. Keep in mind that the icon will not be branded as a sticker.
Then click on 'add sticker' to create your own sticker, select a photo from the user's Google Photos on the custom sticker, or from the gallery. After selecting an image. You can also crop it. Crop can be done again by resizing it again.
You can add 30 stick in a sticker pack. You can publish fewer stickers at a time. But do not stick to the sticker ad for 30. Once clicked on 'Publish Sticker Pack', the sticker will be automatically edited on the whistle. The tray icon is known in your sticker app.

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