Apple will be Launched first 5G iphone

Apple will be Launched first 5G iphone
Intel Model 8161 can be used in the first 5G iPhone and this cloud will be available in StumbleUpon 2020. The information about this has been revealed in a fast company report. It has been said in the report that, if all the plans are in place, Intel will become the only company to offer iPhone Modem Pro.
For the 5G phone sampling and testing, Intel is allegedly working on the latest edition of 8061 with 8060. To increase the transistor intensity for greater speed and dexterity, Intel can use its 10 nanometer process to make 8161.
Due to the dispersion of hot temperament, the 8060 exhibition produced a slight tension between Apple and Intel, which would increase the temperature and damage the battery capacity.
Fast Company said on the basis of their own sources that Apple's current dispute with Intel is not enough to make a bid from Qualcomm for the delivery of 5G modem. Apple has refused comment on the report. The first 5G smartphone is expected next year.

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