Paytm Mall Plans Rs 200 Crore Freebies for Festive Sale


PATMI Mole will spend 200 crores to offer different types of offers to its users for the next four days. This amount is different from those coming on the ATM mall discount and cash back. Because this is the first festive season for Patti, for that the company has partnered with 50 brands for the cell.

Paytm Mall Plans Rs 200 Crore Freebies for Festive Sale

The reason for giving something freely and free to each purchase is to counter the big companies like Amazon and Flipkart, which are spending themselves to attract customers. PATI "Mera Cashback Cell" will run from September 20 to 23. Meanwhile, Flipkart and Amazon will also have a cell. Upon completion of every order, the customer is being given surprise gift under the name 'Lucky Parrot' (Lucky Lifa). "We will offer exclusive deals and exciteing freebies after every order on our platform," said Amit Sinha, CEO of PtM Mall.

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We are absolutely confident that this will make their favorite shopping experience more exciting Sinha said that the company has also planned flash sales, which will come in all categories during the cell days. PATM is looking at categories like Mall Fashion, Gifts, Electronics, Appliances, Consumer Durables and Home Financing. The company is expecting a 5% increase in sales during sales.

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